creates greater clarity!
The new and clear colour-coding system for paints and primers

Introducing our new and improved label design

Caparol is creating greater clarity in its product range by introducing updated and clearly structured packaging with a uniform and straightforward colour-coding system. These updates make it easier to find the right product, while also serving to highlight the product’s application areas. As a result, all relevant information is now available at a glance.

New design – clear benefits:

  • Colour-coding system for greater clarity
  • Product properties and application areas visible at a glance
  • Modern and uniform design

The new label in detail

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Product name

Unique selling point

Logos for outstanding product properties

Product description and application area

Product benefits

For standard products:
Technical properties (e.g. wet scrub resistance class or opacity class)

For ColorExpress products:
Tint base and container code

Visible at first glance:
Interior paints come in white buckets, façade paints in metallic-blue buckets

Every interior paint has an individual swipe colour inspired by the product’s historic colours

You can identify the product category by the colour of the label:
Dispersion paints have a blue label

The colour-coding system for paints and primers

Immediate clarity.

Dispersion paints
Silicone resin paints
Mineral paints
Latex paints
Functional paints

Dispersion paints are now blue.

more on façade paints
more on interior paints

Silicone resin paints are now violet.

more on façade paints
more on interior paints

Mineral paints are now light blue.

more on façade paints
more on interior paints

Latex paints are now mint green.

more on latex interior paints

Functional paints are now orange.

more on façade paints
more on interior paints
more on primers

Our classic products are keeping their familiar colours.

more on classic products

Look forward to the new design of our renders and reinforced mortars!

The modern design with the new colour-coding system will also be introduced for renders and adhesive and reinforced mortars in future. The consistent structure clearly highlights the properties and benefits of the various products, helping you to select the right product for your requirements. Caparol creates greater clarity.

Lacquers and varnishes

Our lacquers and varnishes are already showcasing the new design since 2017. Form and structure of the new labels is consistent throughout all assortments. From lacquers to primers and paints: the most essential product information can always be found in the same spot – which is how Caparol creates greater clarity.